So. Scouting for Girls. I refuse to say they're my "favorite band," but that's not a commentary on how much I enjoy their music (see footnote). I LOVE THEM. I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH.

I first heard about SFG in 2008, soon after their first album was released. I followed them for over a year, even watching their adorable webseries as it aired. I lost track of them only a month or so before their second album came out (I have awful timing), and recently came back, realizing that I adore them even more three years later. I am now on a campaign to spread the word to everyone who doesn't know about SFG, particularly in the US. They're not an obscure band, but they are (at least for now) a fairly regional band. My attempts at globalizing their popularity are in equal parts because of my love for these boys and desire to see them succeed, and because they haven't done shows in the US since 2008 and I really really REALLY want to see them live someday, and the best way to make that happen is to make Wolfcubs of EVERYONE EVER.

That's right. Their fan base is called "Wolfcubs." ATTENTION ALL TEEN WOLF FANS: YOU SHOULD LOVE THIS BAND. <3

Also, EVERYONE SHOULD JUST LISTEN TO THEM. No really. There is something for EVERYONE from this band. They manage to perfectly ride that line between a single, cohesive sound (you know them when you hear them, even if it's a new song) and exploring all the various musical inspirations we've all encountered our whole lives.

Don't believe me? I have compiled a helpful list that should guide you in determining which Scouting for Girls songs are most likely to get you hooked. Click, comment with your thoughts, and share!! <3

Necessary Disclaimers: They are from London. Like, REALLY from London. If you have difficulty understanding heavy Estuarian accents, you may want to pull the lyrics up before you listen. Also, there are curse words and some potentially offensive lyrics. I can't say what would or wouldn't offend anyone, and I am not personally offended by anything they say, but they're definitely not rated G. Or even PG. Or even PG-13, sometimes. Finally, these are links to YouTube. For songs with no official videos, I've had to use fan videos. Apologies for any...weirdness there. /0\


If you've ever though Cobra Starship and One Direction should have a musical lovechild:

If you've ever though Band of Horses and Bruno Mars should have a musical lovechild:
Somebody New

If you like Ben Folds for more than just the brilliant social commentary:
The Airplane Song
Keep on Walking

If you think U2's sound is still relevant to modern music:
Blue As Your Eyes
Six Degrees

If you aren't ashamed of that Train concert you went to in 2004:
Without You

If you wish 80's electronic rock was still a thing:
On the Radio

If you think Fall Out Boy could make kickass elevator music:

If you were looking forward to where The Academy Is... might have gone with their next album:
Snakes and Ladders

If you think the London Underground is an accurate, if depressing, metaphor for failing relationships:
The Light Between Us

If you've ever wished early Maroon 5 had written beach music:
Rains in LA

If you prefer to rap along with your beach music:
Summertime In The City

If you miss the sound and quirky humor of The Brobecks:
Posh Girls

If you've wondered what Vices and Virtues might have sounded like with Ryan Ross's lyrical input:
Goodtime Girl

If you've ever though hipsters could make mosh-worthy rap-pop:
Rocky Balboa

If you don't just sing in the shower, you dance:
Gotta Keep Smiling

If you think fun.'s judicious use of autotune could use a bit of big band influence:
Little Miss Naughty

If you like songs based on pop culture references:
James Bond
Michaela Strachan
The Mountains of Navaho

If you just want to listen to their biggest hits:
This Ain't a Love Song
Love How It Hurts
She's So Lovely

If you want the classic Scouting For Girls experience:
Make This One Last
Elvis Ain't Dead
Take a Chance
I Need a Holiday
Silly Song
I'm Not Over You
It's Not About You

Also, they are adorable:

FOOTNOTE: I found my first "favorite band" in 1998, when I saw a Canadian made-for-TV movie about a kid who gets hired as an A&R guy for a record company and finds the next big band. The band was played by real-life band Treble Charger, and I fell in love. Their music got me through some incredibly tough times in high school, and I was reluctant to ever give that title to anyone else--not even when they broke up in 2006. But in late September 2011, I realized another band had finally replaced them: The Academy Is... had become my go-to music for tough times, their lyrics echo how I think about the world around me, and I had a lot of ~feelings about William Beckett's relationship with accidentals. I was sitting out on my back patio one morning, drinking tea and listening to Fast Times at Barrington High, when I finally admitted to myself that Treble Charger was no longer my "favorite band." TAI... was. And less than two weeks later, TAI... announced their breakup (I found out, ironically, when I was sitting on my back porch drinking tea). Three months after that, Treble Charger got back together.

The universe has obviously decided to fuck with my mind regarding any band I consider my "favorite," so I've given up using that phrase to describe anyone anymore. I refuse to be responsible for causing anyone else moniker-induced difficulties. O_x



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